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Oct 31, 2013 4:00am PDT
hunger's? > the hunger's game is really bad. the hunger's game is a really poorly made science fiction, a really stiff science fiction film that that sort of it doesn't want to be fun, try to be sort of self important, and it sits in the middle and doesn't steer the needle either which way. it's really bad! > now you have peruzed the list of movies coming out for november in here are your top predictions. it's still made your list? > it still may my list cause i think hunger's games might really probably may grab the no. 1 spot this weekend it has been a very weak weekend. people are under estimating free birds. i mean animated films have done very well the first weekend of november. and if it doesn't do well this weekend on going to blame it on the marketing. i think free birds has four weeks before frozen comes out so has the family audience all to itself. so i think the hunger games are going to drop back a bit. it still the hunger games are going to make some money @ not as much as some are hoping for. now the hunger games though; do you think it will live up to expectation
Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
information from all these collared animals helps us bring science to help deal with these management problems. >> thes have puma project is -- the santa cruz puma project is still tracking 18 other mountain lions. >>> jobs, trade and development coming to a long quiet corner of oakland. this afternoon governor jerry brown joined other dignitaries to break ground on a $1 billion cargo hub at the former oakland army base base. the project will include a railyard. the money comes from state and federal sources. state one should take five years to complete. >>> workers at university of california may soon be walking a picket line. afscme voted overwhelmly to authorize a strike over what they call up fair labor practices. the union claims there have been several incidents of managers threatening to discipline workers who exercise collective bargaining rights. uc denies the allegations. >>> a tough new smoking badge takes effect in one part of the bay area and it's sparking a backlash already. critics say the new rules are beyond unfair. >> reporter: we're in crockett tonight for hercules
Oct 30, 2013 4:00am PDT
reported losing more money as it spends more on marketing. yelp lost $2.3 million. and gilead sciences came in strong with earnings and full year guidance that beat the street. shares rose 1% after the close. it's official dell is now a private company. and, sac is set to soon plead guilty to securities fraud according to the wall street journal. all enough men have trading in advantages on. in the seat first this morning is in the trading area of cme group. good morning to you. > > good morning angie. what do you see in the market today as we await the decesion coming from the fed? > > well nothing's changed, i've been bullish along time there is no reason to change my horse right now. i am looking for the market to continue to go. we have come a long ways just in these last few sessions. we're up about 7 to 8% in the s&p just since october 9th. it's getting more thin is this air, but i still look for the market to eventually move up to 18 and 20 in the s and p is my technical target. will it bother you at all though that consumer confidence seems to be plunging here? > > well, you kn
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3